Special Guests:

Mayor Bob Filner - http://www.sandiego.gov/mayor/
Council President Todd Gloria - http://www.sandiego.gov/citycouncil/cd3/

Special Guests:

  • 3:00pm - Mayor Bob Filner @ the Kensington Library Park Stage / Kids Zone - 4121 Adams Ave.
  • 3:45pm - Council President Todd Gloria @ Blindspot Records Stage @ Smitties Service - 3441 Adams Ave.
  • 10pm - AFTER-PARTY @ Heights Tavern - 3377 Adams Ave.:

    Live Art / Gallery by Billy Martinez along with Live Music & Performance - Not to be Missed!

    Beer & Booze Garden @ DiMille's Patio - 3492 Adams Ave.

    Take a load off and enjoy a cold one while listening to some great tunes from the Black Cherry Group Beer Garden Stage - Drink Specials & Craft Beers

    Cafe 21 Stage -- 2736 Adams Ave:

  • 2:00 Flowerthief
  • 3:00 Josh Damigo
  • 4:00 Tolan Shaw
  • 5:00 Scott Mathiasen
  • 6:00 Neon Cough
  • 7:00 Pan Am
  • 8:00 Nick & Mel
  • 9:00 The Peripherals
  • Clay Assoiciates Kensington Library Park Stage / "Kensington Kids Zone" - 4121 Adams Ave.:

  • 2:00 - 5:00pm
    • Kensington Kids Zone w/Aerial
    • Revolution Circus & Krucial
    • Element Dance, more
  • 5:00 The Commeuppance
  • 6:00 Patric Petrie
  • 7:00 The Phantoms
  • 8:00 Marie Haddad
  • 9:00 Midnight Pines
  • Papaha’s Gallery Stage at Car Wash - 3302 Adams Ave.:

  • 2:15 Soul Ablaze
  • 3:15 Orgasmatron
  • 4:10 Krucial Element Dance
  • 4:25 Daniel Schraer of Ugly Boogie
  • 5:10 Philip Jerge (Spoken Word)
  • 6:40 Generik
  • 6:24 Mission : Valley
  • 7:24 Madame Ur y sus hombres
  • 8:09 Red Queen Theory Theatre
  • 8:34 Matinee w/Miss Peg (Shadow Puppets)
  • 8:50 AntiQuark (CD Release Party)
  • 9:35 Red Queen Theory Theatre
  • Black Cherry Stage @DiMille’s Beer Garden - 3492 Adams Ave.:

  • 2:00 Blue Still
  • 3:00 Kimmi Bitter
  • 4:00 Cantua
  • 5:00 Jonny Tarr
  • 6:00 Kiss and Yell
  • 6:50 Stone Horse
  • 7:40 Sara Groban Band
  • 8:30 Christopher Leyva
  • 9:00 Bloodflowers
  • Unity Masonic Lodge Stage / Sculpture Garden - 3366 Adams Ave

  • 2:00 Kinetic Collage (inside / all day)
  • 3:00 Crossed Swords - A demo of modern Fencing presented by Cabrillo Academy of the Sword
  • Super Awesome Showdown Intergalactic Wrestling Ring

  • 4:00 SAS: A New Beginning
  • 5:00 SAS: The New Face of Evil
  • 6:00 SAS: The Rise of a Hero
  • 6:30 Philip Jerge (spoken word)
  • 7:00 SAS: The Powder Keg Battle
  • 8:30 Super Awesome Dance Party - Dance your ass off in the ring with the guys from Super Awesome Showdown
  • Folk Arts Stage - 2881 Adams Ave

  • 2:00-10pm Singers Circle featuring guests and old friends all day
  • Adams Ave. Integrative Health Stage - 3239 Adams Ave
  • 3:15 Sene Africa
  • 4:45 Santiago and Mire of Todo Mundo
  • Blindspot Stage @Smitty’s - 3441 Adams Ave

  • 2:00 True Stories
  • 3:00 Mad Traffic
  • 4:00 New Kinetics
  • 5:00 We Are Sirens
  • 6:00 Black Sands
  • 7:00 Okapi Sun
  • 8:00 Hills Like Elephants
  • 9:00 The Burning of Rome
  • Visual Shop Stage - 3524 Adams Ave

  • 2:00 Vernon Bridges
  • 3:00 10shun
  • 4:30 Scatterbrain
  • 6:30 Odessa Kane
  • ZenCore Stage - 4183 Adams Ave

  • 2:00 Alan Warder
  • 3:00 House Plant
  • 5:00 Alan Warder
  • 6:00 House Plant
  • 7:30 Alan Warder
  • 8:15 Tribal Fire
  • 8:45 House Plant
  • 9:30 Tribal Fire
  • ArtLab Stage - 3536 Adams Ave

  • 2:00 Kitten with a Whip
  • 3:00 Rich McGee & Friends
  • 4:00 Marcia Foreman Band
  • 5:00 Raggle Taggle
  • 6:00 Sister Speak
  • 7:00 Chickenbone Slim
  • 8:00 Tori Rize & Hot Mess
  • 9:00 Poor Pilgrim
  • ArtLab Stage Pre - Event Entertainment - 3536 Adams Ave

  • 12:00 Roxanne Reed
  • 1:00 Bad Penny and the Pistols
  • Some of the performances you'll have the pleasure of seeing are:


    The Burning of Rome - http://www.theburningofrome.com/

    Hills Like Elephants - https://www.facebook.com/HillsLikeElephants

    Okapi Sun - https://www.facebook.com/okapisun

    The Black Sands - https://www.facebook.com/theblacksands

    Patric Petrie - http://www.patricpetrie.com/index.html

    The New Kinetics - https://www.facebook.com/thenewkinetics

    Mad Traffic - https://www.facebook.com/MadTraffic

    We Are Sirens - https://www.facebook.com/herewearesirens

    The Peripherals - https://www.facebook.com/ThePeripherals

    Josh Damigo - https://www.facebook.com/joshdamigomusic

    Tolan Shaw - https://www.facebook.com/tolanshawmusic

    Scott Mathiasen & The Shifty Eyed Dogs - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scott-Mathiasen-and-the-Shifty-Eyed-Dogs/185149858180679

    True Stories - https://www.facebook.com/BartMendozaTrueStories

    AntiQuark (CD Release Party) - https://www.facebook.com/antiquarkmusic

    The Phantoms - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Phantoms/125680487549627

    Pan Am - https://www.facebook.com/PanAmBossa

    The Bloodflowers - https://www.facebook.com/thebloodflowersmusic

    Neon Cough - https://www.facebook.com/neoncough

    Marie Haddad - https://www.facebook.com/mariehaddadmusic

    The Sara Groban Band - https://www.facebook.com/SaraGrobanMusic

    The Comeuppance - https://www.facebook.com/TheComeuppance

    Stone Horse - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stone-Horse/80986499472?fref=ts

    Scatterbrain - https://www.facebook.com/pages/SCATTERBRAIN/202166236464885

    Odessa Kane - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Odessa-Kane/256058791119779

    The Flowerthief - https://www.facebook.com/TheFlowerthief

    Cantua - https://www.facebook.com/cantuasd?ref=br_tf


    Jonny Tarr - http://jonnytarr.com/

    Kimmi Bitter - https://www.facebook.com/kimmibitter

    Kiss & Yell - https://www.facebook.com/kissandyellband

    Christopher Leyva and The Central Park 5 - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leyva/102673409821573

    Performance Art / Theatre:

    Mindy Donner, Perry Vasquez, Tony Zepeda, Wendell Kling, Vallo Riberto, Tony Allard, and Super Awesome Showdown.


    Adam Wolpe

    ...is a world renown comedian. World famouns comedian Dave Chapeele says “Adam Wolpe is a tour de force… No one has ever conducted so much fun on a trolley in the history of man kind”. Quoting Patton Oswelt “Sometimes I make Adam ride the bus with me for non stop laughs. The future is here…Now”. Eddie Murphay quips “Exquisite. Words cant express. Its like Sublime, 311, Three Doors Down and Collective Soul are having a party in my head… With laughs, lots of them, too much of them. All hail the king”.
    @w0lpe on twitter (It’s a Zero not an O).



    Dan Venti
    ...is a short order chef, compact bowmen and laser hair removal model. He was the Montana State Champion of Beaver Sorting. He has 7 kids whom of which he mostly loves

    Nick Crosby
    ...has been performing stand up comedy since April 2010. He regularly performs at all of the comedy clubs in San Diego and has performed at a number of other venues, including Lestat’s Comedy, Fuck Alt. Comedy, and Ocean Beach Comedy. He is the proud owner of a Doug doll and can do an uncanny impression of an asthma inhaler.

    April Ventura
    ...started her performance career doing stand up comedy, cracking up audiences in just about every venue San Diego had to offer from The Comedy Store in La Jolla, to The Comedy Palace, the Mad House and the American Comedy Co.

    After 5 years of comedy, April began writing and performing as a story teller, and as a performance poet. She hit her stride as a story teller playing VAMP shows in South Park for So Say We All where, she was featured on the Best of VAMP 2012 Showcase last December.

    April has a passion for mentorship and seizes every opportunity to teach and mentor especially vulnerable communities in San Diego. She has worked as an acting coach in a summer program; focused on improving audition skills of at risk youth who want to pursue careers in acting, taught poetry and performance art at schools including Crawford High, La Jolla Country Day, and The Braille Institute. Because of her dedication to her community, April has been selected to participate in The Old Globe Community Voices Initiative, a program that "seeks to introduce new audiences not only to theatergoing, but also to the process of creating art and the tools to create theatrical art in their own communities."

    April is currently a performance coach for So Say We All, and will be performing a One Woman Show in July 5, 6, and 7th, at Space for Art in East Village as part of the Fringe Festival. - https://sites.google.com/site/youregonnareallylikethis/

    Pat Puccini
    ...is critically acclaimed for his loud, fast-paced flow, and his emotional stream-of-consciousness narratives containing cryptic slang and non-sequiturs. In 2006, MTV included him on their honorable mention list of The Greatest MCs of All Time, while the editors of About.com placed him on their list of the Top 50 MCs of Our Time (1987–2007), calling him "one of the most imaginative storytellers of our time." Q magazine called him "comedy's finest storyteller." Pitchfork Media stated that, "Pat Puccini has unparalleled storytelling instincts; he might be the best, most colorful storyteller comedy has ever seen." NPR called him "a compulsive storyteller," and that "His fiction is painterly."

    Austin Train
    ...is a bright young comic and locomotive enthusiast. A member of Best of San Diego at the La Jolla Comedy Store, he has performed all over the west coast and Nevada.@Austin_Train @lightsoutlive http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lights-Out-Comedy/512741202121361


    Chris Curtis, Sam Wiles, Brennon Bullock, Jeff Bilodeau, Lauren O' Brien, Austin Train, Mike Ula, Kate Lee, Bijan Mostafavi, Allison Gill, Dave Callans, Laura Condi, Brian Simpson, Hugo Chew, Jesse Egan and Jasyn Brackett.

    ...And more acts to be announced shortly!

    We will have interactive art installations as well, including the over-sized robot - The Electric Giraffe - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Electric-Giraffe/115358623910